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• 12 pcs preferred eye catching colors • Non toxic • Smooth texture • High laydown for smooth coloring • Made of highest quality pigment
120.00৳ 125.00৳
• JOYTITI is the new brand name for TITI (Old brand name) • 12 Brilliant and Bright colors • 12 colors are like wooden color pencils • Unlike wooden color pencils require sharpener to sharp the color pencil • Suitable for children age 6 - 12 years old • Non-toxic with CE Certifications
450.00৳ 550.00৳
• A creative set of a small Artist! • A great set for a little painter. • Perfect for home and school lockers. • The suitcase contains only the necessary accessories needed for drawing classes. • The set includes beautiful pastels, alcohol-free markers, paints, paper clips and much more. • By using these accessories, your child's drawing will become a masterpiece! • The board, drawing stand is ideal for painting in all conditions. • The board can be set in 3 different positions or can be painted flat. • All these accessories have their place in a great case. • The suitcase is very durable. It fastens with Velcro and unfolds on 3 sides. • Dimensions: 42x36x8 cm. • Perfect for calligraphy.
1,500.00৳ 1,750.00৳
• 145-piece art set for drawing and painting. • Great gift for children, students, and artists. • Includes a unicorn design for added fun. • Perfect for unleashing creativity and imagination. • Contains a variety of art supplies for all skill levels.
1,800.00৳ 2,100.00৳