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• Brand : Bioaqua • Net Wt:30g • Feature: Whitening • Ingredient: Rose extract • Country/Region of Manufacture: China • Item Type: Cream • Use: Body & Face • A matte finish lip color. • Apply on the lips evenly, making lips pink and wet • Pink nipple areola. • Pink skin. • Apply on the inner part of the thigh, allows to wear a bikini more confidently
220.00৳ 350.00৳
• Mixiu Scru Cream for lip use • Cigarette black spots will remove from the lips. • It is a lip scrubber. It has to be massaged lightly on the lips. • It is very soft. and changing is seen with the first use. • One full use is enough. Even if you leave the use, it will remain pink. • Dirt will be removed. • Gel type formula
200.00৳ 250.00৳