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• Brand: Luminous • Product Origin: India • Product Type: IPS Inverter • Capacity (VA rating): 900VA • System Volt: 12V • Rated Power (in watt): 756 W • Technology: Square Wave • Range Name: Zelio • Warranty: 24Months • ABCC Technology • LED Display • Support single battery • Most intelligent Home UPS with 32 bit DSP Processor • Safe for sensitive appliances with Sine wave out-put • LED Display for status of Power back-up / battery charging time in Hours and Minute • MCB for protection from Input mains • Bypass switch for supplying output directly from grid in case of Home UPS fault • Noiseless Operations with the help of low harmonic distortion • Supports wide battery range, i.e. Flat Plate, Tubular & VRLA (SMF)
15,300.00৳ 16,500.00৳
• Sine Wave Inverter • Capacity 3.5 KVA, Rated Power 2940 W • Supports Four battery • 24 Month Warranty • Safe for sensitive appliances with Sine wave out-put • High over-load handling capacity • Installation and maintenance friendly • Advanced battery management which enhances battery life up to 70% • Intelligent battery charging mechanism
47,200.00৳ 52,000.00৳
• Pure Sine Wave technology • Capacity - 900 VA, Rated Power - 756 W • An integrated inverter battery design with an elegant, dedicated battery enclosure providing modern outlook for your house. • Battery needs to be purchased externally. • Icon supports all Tubular batteries from 150Ah - 220 Ah • Next generation revolutionary inverter design for Hassel free battery water top • Simplified inverter indications with three large twin color LED lights representing Normal (Green) and User attention (Red) conditions. • Fast Low voltage battery charging starts at 90V with full charging current. • No Open wires as battery is encapsulated in the inverter asking it completely safe for children • Revolutionary design comprising of dedicated enclosure for battery • Hassel free battery water top
19,450.00৳ 21,500.00৳