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Three most popular smart IPS inverters in Bangladesh

Three most popular smart IPS inverters in Bangladesh

Three most popular smart IPS inverters in Bangladesh


Today, we have reached a digital age where we use many electronic tools or devices ranging from personal electronic devices to home appliances. Since these are powered by electricity, our dependence on electricity is increasing day by day.


Unfortunately, our country has regular power cuts and load shedding due to lack of power generation or natural calamities, whereas uninterrupted power supply is crucial for our appliances and increases their overall service life.


In this situation, an intelligent IPS’s electrical signal converter stands as a reliable protector against power disruptions. Some IPS inverters use electronic technology to instantly secure the flow of energy intelligently. When there is Electricity, the IPS usually converts AC to DC and stores it in a rechargeable battery. When gridline power is not available (during load shedding), it converts DC back to AC and supplies AC to customers.


In a hurry? Three most popular smart IPS inverters in Bangladesh


Three most popular smart IPS inverters in Bangladesh

Let's explore the top three effective and intelligence IPS inverters available in Bangladesh and where to buy them at the best prices.




  • Brand: Luminous
  • Product Origin: India
  • Product Type: IPS Inverter
  • Capacity (VA rating): 900VA
  • System Volt: 12V
  • Rated Power (in watt): 756 W
  • Technology: Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  • Range Name: Zelio
  • Warranty: 24Months
  • ABCC Technology
  • LED Display
  • Support single battery
  • Most intelligent Home UPS with 32 bit DSP Processor
  • Safe for sensitive appliances with Sine wave out-put
  • LED Display for status of Power back-up / battery charging time in Hours and Minute
  • MCB for protection from Input mains
  • Bypass switch for supplying output directly from grid in case of Home UPS fault
  • Noiseless Operations with the help of low harmonic distortion
  • Brand: Luminous
  • Range: Optimus
  • Product Origin: India
  • Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  • Capacity : 1100VA /12V
  • Rated Power : 924 W
  • Supports 1 unit of 12V lead acid battery.
  • Advanced LCD Display shows real time statistics
  • User settable Charging current and Output voltage
  • Fast battery charging
  • Mode selector
  • Safety for your home
  • Supports all battery types and capacity





  • Brand: Luminous
  • Product Type: IPS Inverter
  • Product Origin: India
  • Capacity(VA Rating): 1500VA
  • System Volt: 12V
  • Rated Power (in watt): 1260W
  • Max Charging Current (in Amperes): 27Ah
  • Technology: Modified Sine Wave
  • Warranty: 24Months
  • Support Single battery
  • Supports ECO & UPS mode
  • Run 1500 VA load on single battery to save additional cost of one battery
  • Rapid battery charging at low input voltage
  • Full charging current at low input voltage 95V
  • Twin socket output for power load as well regular load with intelligent output load optimization feature


Why Choose an Intelligent IPS Inverter?

In today's dynamic environment, having an intelligent IPS inverter is more than just a convenience—it's a necessity. These advanced inverters not only provide reliable power backup but also optimize energy usage, ensuring efficiency and cost savings in the long run.


Why Choose an Luminous?

Luminous Power Technologies is a powerful and trustworthy brand with a wide range of innovative products in the power backup, and residential solar space. India's most trusted Home UPS for rural and semi-urban areas with in-built heavy duty charger that charges the battery with full current even at low voltage. It is an ideal choice for areas with low input voltage and power cut duration from 6-12 hours.


Which Battery is Suitable?

Supports wide battery range, i.e. Flat Plate, Tubular & VRLA (SMF).

Su-Kam Plus 150Ah 6 SBT industrial flat tubular 12V battery provides protection from acid spills and reduces the need for expensive maintenance. It will assist to increase performance and battery life while saving valuable time. This battery assures a constant electrolyte level, which is necessary for optimal battery performance.

You can also use the Rimso battery, which is one of the best-reviewed batteries on the market.


In Conclusion:

When it comes to selecting the right IPS inverter in Bangladesh, prioritizing intelligence and efficiency is key. With the Zelio+100, Optimus 1250, and Luminous XL Rapid 1650, you can rest assured knowing that your power needs are in capable hands.


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